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Related post: Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2011 05:38:04 +0100 From: Linda Olatunji Subject: Renee and Jessica 2Disclaimer: This is complete fiction and any resemblance to real life occurrences is simply coincidental (but anyone who has can turn into a wolf or has magical powers one word awesome). This work is the sole property of the owner ... me, you can have it for personal use but if you want to broadcast it or whatnot my email is above umm this is about two women so if you don't like that kind of stuff, my mind cannot begin to fathom how you got this far in ... other than that enjoy :DChapter 2: The Angry Wolf I was fucking up. I had begged the preten young incest council for this guardian mission and very young incest I girl young nude was fucking it up already. From the moment she came to the door I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Those stubborn brown eyes were the first thing I spotted. I'm supposed to be patient and understanding but she just makes me want to throttle her and kiss her at the same time. What makes this a hundred times worse is the fact that I want to kiss her, so against the rules. I had stood before Hottie teen young the council and my father, an important council figure, Fucking russian young had stood and vouched for me. Right now I was letting him down. I don't even know how nude young bnoys those demons found me, but they had and I'd brought danger to Renee's door, not that danger wasn't already young porn picks on its way there. So here she was shifting right before my eyes, telling me something was coming. Her fingers clawed into the earth, eyes squeeze shut as her body convulsed. I wanted to help her but there was no way to stop the change, I didn't have that kind of power. Too much was happening none of my training told me young teen seks how to handle a situation like this. "There here now!" her eyes flew open they were deep gold her smooth caramel skin now covered by light brown fur her fingers now stuck between a huge paw and human hands. She had only shifted half way then stopped. The air thickened with dark fog as four cloaked shamans appeared, and I thought the day couldn't get any shittier. Renee was crouched on all fours growling at them. She didn't even know what they were. She didn't have the power to fight four shamans not as a new shifter and not in real young pussy half her full form. "Surrender and we will kill you quickly, you cannot protect her for long" a deep voice boomed. I knew I didn't have the power to fight them but I would make my father proud and go ukraine young pussy down youngest pussy around fighting. Closing my eyes I summoned my mage staff. "Never!" I yelled at the cloaked men as my trusty weapon appeared in my hand. "Then you will die a painfully slow death," the voice boomed. Everything happened so quickly. I braced myself for the biggest fight of my life so far. Suddenly there was an ear piercing howl that seemed to shatter the very concept of time. I felt a rush of air above me as Renee in her half shifted state leapt over me landing in front of me running to meet her powerful opponents. "NO RENEE YOU CAN'T WIN!" I yelled after her. The first cloaked shaman raising his staff sent electricity flying towards her, she carried on running with speed difficult for even my eyes to keep up with, dodging the volts with great ease, before he could do anything else I watched as she slashed his throat and he instantly faded into a black fog. The second went for hand in hand combat, dodging his attack by jumping behind him leaving him confused for just enough of a second for her to dispose of him as swiftly as she had done the first. The third more powerful than the other two began to chant in a language older than time. He raised his staff into the sky as Renee rushed towards him. The fourth shaman stood behind him also chanting in a language I did understand. He was casting a protection spell on the third. "STOP!" I called russian young pic after her cloaking my voice with all the power I had. To my surprise she halted just as the protection barrier was defloration young girls raised around them. The third finally finished chanting and suddenly plunged his staff into the soil of the in between plane. The ground beneath me shook and young teen fingering I prepared for death. Renee then let out another howl, this one differed from the last battle cry, I could taste her magic in the air, and it was intoxicating. She was manifesting fire and I was in awe of her power. I watched nudes natural youngest as the protection spell and the magic tiny young teenz he was casting stood no chance against her elemental magic. The fire engulfed them and soon there was no them to speak of.She had left me speechless; she had taken on four shamans. They were very powerful evil men with some of the most in depth training of cute and young the dark arts and she had disposed of anime young butts Slut teen young them as if they were nothing. Suddenly she turned to face me. I was gripped by uncertainty. I knew using that much magic untrained must have really hurt her but untrained shifters are dangerous especially her, she had to be one of the most powerful ones alive to have done that. I slowly made my way towards her not taking my eyes of her gold ones. Just young lesbian video as I reached her she hot young dudes slumped onto the ground and young boy nudes shifted back into verry young asians her human form."What the fuck were they? And where the hell are my clothes," she said as she came to a second later standing up realising she was naked. She looked good naked, I had to resist the temptation to reach out and porno young teens touch her caramel skin that seemed to glow."Umm, I-I- d-d–don't umm here," I sounded like a stuttering fool but I couldn't speak to her while she was naked. I closed my eyes and summoned the first item of clothing that popped to young cumshots mind. I opened my eyes and she was dressed in a t-shirt and baggy denim dungarees."Thanks," she said her cheeks ever so slightly red."You're welcome, look we do need to talk but not here and not now, we need to youngest tits get out of here it's not schoolgirl young safe here, I promise I will explain as soon as I transport you somewhere safe," I told her I could tell that today's events had taken a toll on her."As long as that safe place has a bed young wet cunt I'm game," she said taking my young chiness hand before I even offered it. Her slim fingers slipped between mine and she rested her head on my shoulder and we said goodbye to the in between world.***"Where are we now?" Renee asked tiredly as young teen fucked we appeared in one of my many temporary pit stop flats."New York," I replied. I young nudiste picture moved through the hallway to turn on the lights. I hadn't been here in two months everything was as I left it."New York? I didn't bring my passport," she slurred. I rushed to her side as she passed out and I caught her. About bloody time she was fucking remarkable for staying conscious verry young teens this long. She looked so peaceful. Her pale pink lips parted slightly as she slept. I moved her to the bedroom leaving her there to rest. I too wanted to crawl into bed and sleep too but I knew that work came first. It was time to report back to the council, not that they'll believe a word I say. I walked out of the bedroom, down the hall to the bathroom. It was one of my favourite rooms in the apartment. It was just so bright and beautiful. I stood in front of the mirror as I did every time I met with the council. I placed my hand on the mirror letting it know too young pussy my magic and as soon as it was done I was greeted by my father's kind face. His eyes were a softer version of mine."How did it go kid?" he asked with a smile. I then told him of the day's events. "She shifted and used fire magic, there was only one other elemental shifter who shifted before they reached their homeland but that was eons ago and he was a special case, no shifter should be able to shift until they have stepped on home soil. The power that you have described is equally worrying, if in the wrong hands..." I had young starlets to cut him off there."That won't happen, she's as stubborn as hell but she's not a bad person," I told him. I japan young sex couldn't help but jump to Renee's defence you know being her guardian and all."I trust your judgement Jessica, you look worn out go get some rest I will relay what you have told me to the others," he said before disappearing. I made my young girls stripping way veryyoung porn back to the bedroom where Renee was breathing softly as she slept. I changed into my pyjamas and crawled under the sheets. The world could wait for it's saving I needed some fucking sleep.***I woke up to the sun hitting my face. I groggily opened young moldels my eyes. Renee was still asleep spooning me with her arms and legs wrapped around me. I felt her warm breath on the back of my neck and the full length of her slender torso pressed against me. That's when the butterflies started and I knew I was in trouble. I slowly began to hentai youngest try and untangle myself, youngest sex pics I felt her grip tighten and then slowly young vibrator ******** release as she sighed and illeagel young teens rolled over. I was relieved but at the same time wanted young boys erection her to hold me again. This was crazy. I climbed out of bed and went to make one of my favourite things this plane had, coffee. It wasn't long till Renee joined me."The fact that I've woken up in New York tells me last night wasn't a dream," she said as she walked into the kitchen running her hands through her hair."Nope not a dream, completely real," I said sipping my coffee trying not to show how her adorable morning look was making me melt."So taking me back home would be out of the question," she asked with a cute look on her face."Completely out of the question, have you forgotten younger lesbian porn yesterday's events," I replied sternly. I needed to get this going home idea out of her head. It would be safer in the long run for all the people she cared about if she just came with me and learned to control her power."Yes I do remember actually, I remember kicking some hooded creepy arse," she said with a smug grin as she sat in front of me."Coffee," I offered her even though she was beginning to piss me off already."Nah have you got uncensored young girl any red bull and some weed maybe," she said with another cheeky grin."The red bull I can do ,the weed, no, young amateur busty like I said you only need that stuff because you're on this plane," I told her putting on my best I'm-in-charge-right-now voice."Exactly and I'm on this plane so I think I should get some weed but I'm not going to argue about it with you, we've more important stuff to deal with first like you explaining everything that happened yesterday to me," Renee said as she accepted the red bull I handed her."Alright I don't top young nudes know how you managed young natural boobs to do ilegal young fuck half of what you did, but I promise you I didn't know you could do that. As I said to you before, you're an young undrage sex elemental shifter. Elemental shifters have been around since forever. They are mortals with the power to control one or bbw on young more of the young non nude four elements and they can shape shift into certain powerful forms. A colossal wolf is one of the strongest forms," I began digging up free youngest fuck the archives in my mind to give her all the information I have."What other forms are there," she asked excitedly."Well there are many I really don't have the time to sit here and tell you every single thing an elemental shifter can turn into," I told her onlyteens porn young with a small smile. Her eagerness was like a light at the end of the tunnel."Okay what are the strongest forms ever been shifted into?""Well I don't know every single one but not many people youngteensex shift into a wolf the first time they shift, even half way, and then kill four powerful shamans, actually I'm pretty sure no one has done that," I vigorously racking my brain for any information on why she's so powerful so young."You know what this is all great but I still want to go home, its stressful having youngest babies porno creepy guys try kill you and you know half turning into a young loita girls wolf (that was fucking excruciating) and then there's you," she was rambling and I had to think of a way to calm her, we had to nip this whole going home thing in the bud."Renee if you go home you will be putting everyone you love and hold dear at risk especially now that your power is active if you use it on this plane without proper tutoring everything evil in this dimension and the next will come for you and evil doesn't just go for you they go for your heart, so stop being selfish and accept your fate and what about me?" I snapped."Well that's just great, you've ruined my life you know that. You come to my front door and next thing I'm in bloody New York," Renee half yelled at me obviously ignoring my question.She was such a fucking brat. "No I saved your life you would be dead right now the only reason young undressing you were able to tap into your power is because you were on a magical plane you would have never been able to do that on this plane so sit down and shut the hell up," I half yelled at youngest nude toplist her."I'm going for a walk," she snapped looking at me like I was the shit on her shoe. Well if she wanted to act like a child I would treat her like a child. Muttering and old incantation and throwing young puffys my hand up a barrier sealed the house."No you're not I've just placed a barrier young hot amateur around the house, all the doors and windows are sealed, nothing can get young lesbian cheerleaders in or out," I simply said before walking off into the bedroom.I sat on the bed and sighed. Renee was a fucking handful, I could see the determination young korean whores in her light brown eyes and her resilience was reinforced by the pout of her pale pink lips. My thoughts were soon interrupted by a light knock on the door."Can I come in?" Renee's soft voice spoke through the door."Depends are you coming in to bitch about the barrier, or tell me that it doesn't stand a chance against you," I called back."No, plus I've tried those barriers are solid," she replied making me smile, it was difficult to stay angry at her."Come in," she walked in and I could almost see the white flag waving in her eyes."I'm sorry I'm being a bitch, it's difficult for me you young rape gallerie know, my life's been flipped upside down demons destroyed my room so I'm going to lose my deposit ... I'm young petite outdoors just scared really," she said as she sat next to me and I could see her eyes brimming with tears. young turks She'd always seemed strong and young small teen in charge. I felt a knot in my stomach as I saw the first tear fall."Hey, hey don't cry I promise I'll protect you, I mean it is my job and all, and I guess fat young girls I could work my voodoo magic on your room," I said softly wiping her tear with my thumb, gaining a small grin from the voodoo reference. I sent my calming magic through my eyes to try and calm her. Her eyes fixated on my own, I was drawn to her in a younger 13 porn way I shouldn't young teen breasts be, my body was buzzing with electricity and my primal instinct took over. I wanted and needed to kiss her. Slowly I leaned forward stopping half way only to be met halfway by her lips. I couldn't help but pull her closer. Our young cute board mouths opened and tongues slid out. The electricity soaring through my body soon turned young teens nonude into fire as she put her hand on my waist and pulled me closer.It's as if wanton passion over took all rational thoughts, it was just me and her tangled within each other. Her lips moved expertly against my own and her hands began to roam down the small of my back as I lay on top of her kissing her for all I was worth.Slowly but surely clothes started to fall to ground. As I pulled off her dungarees and t-shirt, she rolled me over and began to undress me. I raised my hands as she removed my top dipping to kiss my collar bone causing me to shiver. Hands now on bare skin, the contrast of her darker skin caressing my pale milky skin was like a beautiful piano symphony. I parted my legs as she lay between them snaking her tongue into my mouth once again. I couldn't get enough of her smooth strong body. I ran my fingers across her back as she began to kiss my neck causing me to moan and grind into her. Then a manic frenzy began within me as my groin moistened in response amateur young sex to her amsterdam youngest teens touch. Her soft lips trailed kisses down my chest catching my excited nipple in her mouth. As her tongue toyed with it my underwear became soaked, thankfully as she sucked my nipple youngest boys sex into her mouth youngest nudist boy she ripped my panties off me, and plunged inside my wet hole. I groaned and grinded against her hand as she nibbled teen young porn on my neck. Her hot breath against my milky skin seemed to turn me on even more. My pussy had become a river. My heavy breathing became loud moans and my eyes squeezed shut from the waves of pleasure soaring through me as her finger was replaced my bellamy young two and her thumb toyed with my clit. I writhed against her body as my orgasm began to build. She young thumbnail could tell from my moans and she pressed harder and pumped into me faster. My hips matched the pace of her hand young nude milano as I could barely control my breath or the convulsions of my ukrainian young ladies body as my orgasm ripped through me. Her hand movements slowed in my wetness. I was floating in euphoric bliss and was brought to by her sweet kisses on the young erect boys neck. I was thoroughly enjoying the attention she was giving my body, but I wanted to feel her shaking beneath me as I had just done.Catching her by surprise I rolled her onto her back, she sat up to try and kiss my breast but I would never get to do what I wanted to do. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back down to the bed. Fighting for control was obviously something that extended into the bedroom. Before she could try again I bent to kiss her with one thigh between young amateur fuck her legs and one of her own between mine. I found myself getting majorly really young hentai turned on all over again. I began kissing her chest, drawn to young vibrator girls her elegant little young babe neck. Her body quivered beneath me as I youngest extreme sex trailed my tongue down her neck until I reached her pale pink nipples. Her back arched as I sucked pushing her perfect breast further into my mouth. I felt her dampness on my thigh; her breathing became slightly more ragged as she pressed her centre against me. I wanted to devour all of her. Moving young schoolgirls kissing back youngs teen to her swollen pale lips I kissed her as I stroked her centre, she moaned into my mouth young naked couples as she moved her hips frantically against my hand but I was determined to tease her. As she broke the kiss she opened her eyes staring into my own and the utterance of one word was my undoing."Please," she breathed and I understood. Just like I needed to feel her inside me she needed me to do the same. While stroking her wet slit I slid one finger into her soaked hole. I set a pace that she quickly followed. Her sweaty body writhed against my sweaty body and one digit became two and kisses on the neck became bites and nibbles until her body quivered beneath me as she came against my hand. I kissed young spanish panties her back to reality while lying in her arms. We didn't speak; we only felt until sleep came along and claimed us. It wasn't long after that I woke up ... alone, young camel toe never a good or healthy sign.I was still naked from previous activities; I got up still confused and unsure about what to do next. It wasn't an uncommon thing in the magical world for women to mate with other women. It was actually a blessing to communities, these women would be put on pedestals and men klass young tgp would hairy young women line up to donate their seeds to helping these mating women start families. However it was very uncommon for guardians and charges to mate."Renee," I called wrapping the sheet around me."In here," I heard her reply. I waddled young bakini girls into the living room to see her sitting on the sofa with nothing but dungarees on and a sports bra."You alright?" I asked as I saw something I could recognize in her light brown eyes."Yeah I'm fine I just realised I need more clothes for this journey, so when do we get on our way," she asked a little too casually, she was pulling away from me. While I was deep in thought, I tried my best to ignore the awkward silence. It was probably for the best, we had just broken a major rule, should I leave it as that. That wasn't the important question the important question was young amanda incest could I leave it as that."Jessica," she interrupted."Umm as soon as I'm dressed I guess I could beam us to Chicago, it's a pretty young teen stripping secluded area and about the clothes anytime you need some new items I'll provide them for you and when we reach the Oak Lands the original home of your ancestors they'll provided you with provisions from then on," I explained."Okay, well let's get this show on the road, I'm sure you have other people to guide home and stuff so I'll make this job as easy as possible for you," she said standing up and making her way to the bathroom leaving me enlightened and confused about her attitude and how I should react. I followed her young females nude wanting to squash the awkwardness immediately."Look Renee maybe we should talk about last night," I said to her as I followed her to the bathroom door."There is nothing to say, we had sex and teens young now you're taking me to Chicago so I can go to some oak land place, people always leave Jessie, you won't be the very young gallerie first," she simple said before closing the door, not before I saw the masked pain in her eyes.Things had suddenly gotten really complicated.
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